Cozumel is the ideal place to train and compete in triathlons, marathons and iron man. The climate, safety, beauty and training facilities are unique. In front of the hotel and along the island there is a great bike trail where you can run, skate or bike while enjoying the ocean view at various points. You can also bike around the island with amazing views, and the best swimming in the sea is in front of the hotel.


Ironman Hotel B Cozumel


In recent years, Cozumel has positioned as a destination for world-class competitions such as:

  • Iron Man 70.3 September
  • Itriatlón ITU (International Thriatlon Union) October
  • Iron Man December

The geographical characteristics of the island are ideal for both training and competing. Its size, safety, population and weather make it a perfect spots for athletes, who come from all over the world all year long.

In Hotel B Cozumel we make a special effort to provide athletes` specific needs before and after the competition. For example, we facilitate bike repair, and adjust our menus and services. We also have organize the best cheering spot outside the hotel, where IronMan run by during the competition.


Package B Iron Man 3 nights

  • 3 nights in Ocean View Room
  • Energetic Breakfasts
  • 1 day of snorkeling equipment
  • 1 carb dinner
  • Special amenities for Ironman participants



Package B IRONMAN 6 Nights Package

  • 6 Nights in Ocean View Room
  • Energetic Breakfast
  • 1 day of snorkeling equipment
  • 1 carb dinner
  • Special amenities for participants Ironman