Cozumel is considered an excellent place for sport fishing, either deep fishing or fly fishing. Throughout the whole year you can fish for dorado, bonito, barracuda, wahoo, among others. From March to June you can find marlin and sailfish. Major international competitions are held, such as “Fly Fishing Tournament” in November and the Mexican Boat Rodeo, which is the largest fishing tournament in the state. Fishing tour Hotel B Cozumel

You can find all types of boats and tours specializing on fly fishing, bottom fishing and sport fishing. Once you fish, the crew will cook the day’s catch, either at a virgin beach or by the hotel. Most tours depart from the “Puerto de Abrigo”, located 5 minutes from Hotel B Cozumel. We also arrange private trips to leave from the hotel´s dock.

To spend an entire day with the family on various water sports you can visit Chankanaab Marine Park, which has an area to swim with dolphins and manatees, Snuba, Sea Trek, diving, among others. At Fly High Adventures, a Tyrolese ecological park, there are 12 platforms in the tropical jungle to jump surrounded by animals and wild plants.

In Mexico Discover you will experience Mexico´s diversity in a few hours, enjoying cultural expressions, popular art, and the huge scale models of iconic buildings of Mexico. They also have a great tequila tasting. Excellent for all ages.

Discover Mexico Theme Park Hotel B Cozumel

The landscapes of the island can also be enjoyed from the sky. There are various Parasailing operators that can come and pick you up at the hotel for a fun and safe ride.


The tour you cannot miss! Either in a rented car, bike or on a tour, going around the island to discover its shores, the diversity of the beaches, the different blue tones of the sea and the local kitchen is a great experiences. In a full day you can leave early in the morning and go to the other side of the island, visit San Gervasio, a Mayan ruin, and then take the route by the sea stopping at different virgin beaches and small bars, restaurants and shacks. Cozumel Jungle Hotel B Cozumel

One of the most recommended spots to visit is the Punta Sur Ecological Reserve Park, which boasts pristine beaches, forest, wetlands, mangroves and dunes. On the south of the island there are also beach clubs with more infrastructure if you are traveling with kids.

There are daily tours to the jungle adventure aboard all-terrain vehicles. They pass by the ancient Mayan sanctuaries, by winding paths and lush verdant. Some tours offer snorkeling combo, jungle and lots of speed.


During the spawning season of sea turtles, workshops are conducted to live an incredible experience. Start with a walk along the beach accompanied by a biologist to observe firsthand, the behavior of marine turtle nesting. The workshops are held at the Punta Sur Eco Park on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am-12 am during the months of June and August. From August 16 until October 30th workshops take place at 5:00 pm to see how baby turtles emerge from their nests and out to sea.

Prices start at $ 55 USD for adults and $ 35 USD for children.

Sea turtle Tour Cozumel Hotel B

Cozumel has more than ten registered Mayan archaeological sites. Not all of them are open to the public. The most important one is San Gervasio, where you can visit the main temple of Ix Chel, the goddess of fertility. The site is preserved and protected by the National Institute of Anthropology and History. Tourist visits take around two hours, walking a total distance of about 3 km. San Gervasio Mayan Ruins Tour  Hotel B Cozumel

Another highlight of Cozumel archaeological site is the Cedral, nestled amid the jungles. The tours are available by horse or ATV

Visit the Temazcal, one of the most important Mayan rituals that is now offered as a therapy and a relaxing experience for the health of body, mind and spirit. It is a kind of sauna, in an igloo like brick structure, lived through a truly cleaning and liberating ceremony. After living a representation of the ritual with a Shaman Temazcalero, you can refresh in a cenote and visit some nearby ruins. Cozumel-Temazcal-Tour-Hotel-B-Cozumel

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