There is a good reason why Cozumel is consistently ranked as one of the top diving destinations in th world. Here is the “Great Mayan Reef” and belongs to the “Mesoamerican reef” which is the second largest in the world after the “Great Barrier Reef” in Australia.

Cozumel coral reef have a varied marine population that has seahorses, sea turtles, nurse sharks and many species of colorful fish. Cozumel scuba diving is just unforgettable.



Here´s our TOP 5 with no particula order for you to choose which one you like more:


Located on the southwest side of Cozumel, is composed of many different sections, so it is a very rewarding place to explore.

It is divided into 3 parts: gardens, horseshoe and caves.

The gardens are colorful and suitable for novice dive sites. The palancar horseshoe is full of coral heads up to 80 ft high, is best suited to intermediate diver. The caves are a excellent option with many tunnels to explore accompanied by a stunning blue

Along the reef you can find sponges, sea turtles, sharks, eagle rays and many many fishes.

Paso del Cedral

Paso del cedral is a great place to take photographs.You can find large schools of grunts, porkfish and snapper ,also large parrot fish, turtles and black groupers across all arrecife

The level o expertise required is intermediate, the floor here is around 55 feet but expect a very swift current.

Arrecife Columbia

It is a good place to see coral formations, large animals and colorful creatures, here you get everythig for a bit, you can choose to swim at depth near the reef wall or on top where can view multiple sponges and many fishes

It is very easy to find sea turtles as they are already accustomed to the divers are very tolerant.

Arrecife Dalila

Named for the ranch located on the shore. It is a shallow dive and generaly used as second dive. The reef is healthy and find a variety of sponges,corals and sea rods. There are some nurse sharks hiding under the rocky overhangs or cracks. It is also possible to see eagle rays feeding on crustaceans in the sand ,


The level of expertise required is advanced, the current is sometime unpredictable and there is a slight danger of being lost at sea.

Displaying near the reef wall can be seen some of the most dramatic formations in the area… a great arch about 30 ft, enter the arch form the bottom and swim up through it, following the fissure that created the arch.

You’ll have easy sightings of eagle rays, nurse sharks, reef sharks and many many turtles.

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