In Cozumel you can let yourselves go and rest, venturing into the underwater world, enjoy land and sea activities and discover landscapes never seen before. Its beauty and magic are many, if a bit of paradise would be on this earth, it would be in Cozumel. From the moment you board the ferry or the plane you will begin a great journey that will leave you forever marked.

Cozumel is one of Mexico’s and Caribbean greatest destinations to enjoy a few relaxing days, nature and delicious cuisine. It was one of the first settings in the region, therefore it maintains its colorful plaza at the historical down town as well as original traditions unique of the Island. Since the Mayan period Cozumel was considered an emblematic place.

Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, Cozumel owns the world’s second largest reef. Located at west of Riviera Maya and 20 km away from Playa del Carmen where you can catch a ferry every 1-2 hours (35 minutes ride). WHERE IS COZUMEL? Click here: 

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Cozumel offers a diversity of activities for all tastes; from the relaxation of the beaches to an adventurous tour by the forest and the sea. It also has gourmet restaurants for all tastes.

Some of our recommendations…

Aquatic Activities

Diving, snorkel, fishing, skydive, ski, parasailing, kit surf, wind surf, paddle surf, kayak, boat trips (we recommend ‘’El Cielo’’ and ‘’Isla de la Pasión’’), you may arrive by boat to ‘’granja de perlas’’, and more. (Read our top 5 Diving sites in Cozumel) 


Chankanab, Punta Sur, Paradise Beach, virgin beaches on the other side of the island (we recommend San Martin).


Mountain bikes on the forest, road bike, forest trips (in motorcycles or jeeps, zip, trips to the lagoon in kayak, turtle watching, bird watching, crocodile watching, tour around the island in motorcycle.

Alternative Tourism

temazcal (Mayan sauna), pearl farm, cocoa manufacture, cenotes, observation of flora and fauna.


San Gervasio, El Cedral, El Museo de la Isla, Discover México.


Costeñito Bistro, Guidos, Kinta, Kondesa, Le Cheff, Ilé, Pepes, La Cocay, Al pie del carbón, La Perlita, La Cuccina Italiana.


Bar Hop, Bar Bacán, Love, KeSeVe, Viva México, Kondesa, El Zócalo.


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Cozumel was the first island in the world to receive the nomination “Island of Peace.” The nomination was held after the project “El Niño, la mar y la paz”, (“The child, the sea, the peace”), which promotes a culture of respect, peaceful coexistence and harmony regardless of race, political opinion or religion. On July 10th, 2010, Cozumel received the Flag of Peace, in an emotional ceremony recalling the message of peace of Nicholas Roerich, the illustrious founder of the Flag.

Cozumel has the highest safety ratings in Mexico. The quality of island and the strong presence of security officials from the federal and municipal government have decreased the crime to barely 0 %. Habitants and the thousands of visitors received each year can walk quietly through streets, bicycle or rollerblade. Tourists, national as international, are treated kindly and cared for, but not to forget, do always take the minimal precautions, like anywhere else in the world.

Cozumel is a magical place with a fascinating history and Mayan influence that is still present to date. The Legend says that the island was the home of the Goddess Ix Chel, to whom the Mayans attributed power for fertility, health and love. Ix Chel determined the fate of men and woman and she did not only influence their life cycle and reproduction, but also had the power of destruction through storms and hurricanes. Ix Chel made the Island a sacred place by sending her favorite birds, the swallows (Cuzam). The union of the two words in maya; Cuzam (swallow) and luumil (place) gave the name to the Island Cozumel; the Island of the swallows.

For over a thousand years, Cozumel was one of the three most important sanctuaries in the Yucatan Peninsula, and woman born with the Mayan tradition, must at least once in their life visit the main temple of the goddess in Cozumel to purify their body and spirit and receive the benefits of fertility.

Currently each year, the celebration of the “Sacred Mayan Journey” takes place at the end of May, where the ancient Mayan traditions is recreated and the Mayan people crosses the Caribbean sea to Cozumel to worship the goddess Ix Chel.

The famous Carnival in Cozumel has more than a century, and is the most celebrated and recognized event in the Southeast region of Mexico, for its colors, the costumes and the participation of all Cozumel. For one week, the carnival invites locals and visitors to enjoy a family party, which has been passed from generation to generation. This is one of the biggest celebrations of in the Island.

Participants organize processions and parade that passes through the streets throughout the day to end the evening with a musical extravaganza with the participation of famous artists.

Come to one of the funniest carnival countries to a party where people of all ages, occupations and hometowns live with the sole purpose of enjoying and making an unforgettable night. Hotel B Cozumel welcomes you with all the information and the attitude to live it.

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