Our Jacuzzi, carved in natural stone at the edge of the Caribbean, is the trademark of the hotel. Surrounded by sea, the red color of the Jacuzzi stands out among the natural rocks that form part of the Hotel B Cozumel`s bay. It gives you the feeling of swimming in a newly emerged volcano.


Hot Tube Hotel B Cozumel


You can make a spa out of the Jacuzzi Blu naturally: start relaxing your muscles with hot water in the Jacuzzi for 15 minutes and then cooling and nourishing your body with mineral-rich sea water for another 10 minutes. Repeat this sequence two times and you finish hydrating trying a juice from our juice therapy. The escalator from the Jacuzzi to the sea will facilitate this therapy.

The sunset it perfect to enjoy this spot.


Hotel B Cozumel Hot Tube Sunset



Some facts about the Jacuzzi:

  • Capacity for 15 persons
  • It has 14 jets and whirlpool
  • Bar on request
  • Lighting inside and towards the sea.

Simply unbeatable. Just need to live it!


Jacuzzi Hot Tube Hotel B Cozumel