Service from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm (Therapies should be scheduled)

Through therapeutic and relaxation techniques we treat common ailments, chronic and acute pain such as back, neck and shoulders, sprains, strokes, headaches, sciatica, physical and emotional stress.

We have an open area, facing the sea, and a closed area with air conditioning. Our spa therapists in Cozumel are highly qualified professionals in modern and ancient techniques. All treatments are accompanied by aromatherapy and are customized according to the needs of each person.

In our treatments we apply essential oils extracted from medicinal plants, retaining its therapeutic properties. They are absorbed by the skin to the rest of the body and nervous system all through the smell, helping to treat common ailments.


aromatherapy Hotel B Cozumel

Excellent therapeutic treatment designed to treat severe tension in the deep muscles and connective tissue. Uses intense pressure on body areas subject to continuous effort. Relieves acute and chronic muscle pain, especially in back, neck and shoulders. Recommended for those who performed strenuous physical activities.

30min $ 45.00 / 60min $ 80.00 / 90min $ 110.00


Deep Tissue Massage Hotel B Cozumel

Relaxing massage using various techniques specifically designed for the relaxation of muscles. It is preformed using firm pressure and continuous movements. Promotes blood circulation and oxygenation; activates the lymphatic system, detoxifies and produces a state of well-being.

30min $ 45.00 / 60min $ 80.00 / 90min $ 110.00


Swedish Massage Hotel B cozumel

Is a combination of the two techniques described above. The therapist determines and applies the best according to the specific needs of each area of the body. Soothes and relaxes in a precise and effective.

30min $ 45.00 / 60min $ 80.00 / 90min $ 110.00


Combo Massage Hotel B Cozumel

This massage is based on acupressure, it manipulates specific reflex areas of the feet related to the major organs and glands. It stimulates, nerve pathway and energy, restoring its functions. Strengthens the immune system, stress resistance and gives vitality
This method makes use of specific protocols for massage and hot stones on key parts of the body. Through this massage, heat from the stones radiates to the areas of pain and tension. This will increase blood circulation, relax muscles and tendons, improves range of motion and relieves pain. It also balances the chakras producing an emotional and mental tranquility.

60min $ 95.00 / 90min $ 125.00 (Book with 2hr notice)

Hot Stone Massage Hotel B Cozumel

An excellent treatment performed in water. While the patient is floating without any effort, the therapist generates gentle flexion, stretch and Yoga like positions in continuous motion in order to release muscle plain and joint rigidity. Patient and therapists synchronize positive emotions, creating changes at the cellular and quantum levels. Fear and anxiety are transformed into joy and confidence, encouraging a profound sense of inner peace and total physical relaxation.

60min $80.00 / 90min $110.00 (1 day notice is required)

acquassage spa Hotel B Cozumel


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