“An evolving space that is enriched by every person who passes by”

Hotel B Cozumel was conceived as a living, changing workshop enriched with the work of Mexican artisans. It opens its doors to the creativity of every guest. The “leitmotif” of the workshop is to provide a space for Masters of arts and crafts to share their wonderful art works and for travelers to appreciate them and participate in their evolution. Each piece has a story behind it, from the linnen and sculptures in your room to the cup holders in the restaurant and tequila bar.

Hotel B Cozumel seeks to achieve three objectives through Bohemia workshops:

1) To be a window of Mexico

Through our store and decoration we exhibit art pieces and unique craftwork. We want our guests to be in contact with the cultural richness of Mexico, appreciating pieces selected from all over the country that are on sale at Hotel B Cozumel.

2) Development of artisans and small producers

Incorporating small artisans and producers into the value chain of the hotel we seek to promote sustainable and inclusive tourism. We believe that tourism can be a sector of transformation and that B, as a company, together with our visitors can put their grand of sand making responsible purchasing choices and participating in the capacity building process of artisans.

3) Offering art-tourism experiences

We invite visitors to explore their own creativity and have an artistic experience at B participating in our workshops and other creative spaces. We have short workshops every week where you can learn some techniques and have fun while creating something new. We have weekend workshops for those wanting to go deeper in certain topics and techniques. And we have certain rooms where you can leave your own creative mark – from a photography to a brushstroke that contributes to the transformation of B.

Get involved, learn and create in Bohemia Workshop

Through our workshops, guests can live the Mexican culture in a different way. We currently have four weekly workshops:

Painting and alebrijes Workshop: Learn the story behind the alebrijes (wooden and painted sculpture) and make one with your own hands. You will know the painting technique of the alebrijes and you’ll take home a good memory and a figure of unique craftsmanship.

Painting and alebrijes Workshop

Mexican food and ceviche Workshop: Discover the best kept secrets of Mexican cuisine, particularly the ceviches, one of our specialties. Experiment with great combinations of the different coasts of Mexico and then enjoy your creations at sunset.

Mexican food and ceviche Workshop

Mezcal and tequila Workshop: Develop your senses to feel the aromas, spices and flavors of mezcal and tequila. You will recognize the difference in the process and taste of each one and learn to make the best cocktails.

Photography Workshop: This workshop is for beginners and enthusiast photographers seeking to overcome the automatic mode of your camera and who want to immerse into the fascinating world of digital photography. It does not matter the kind of digital camera that you have nor your prior knowledge; the objective is to learn more, explore your artistic side and have fund.


Introdution1.5 hours$440 pesos or $35 USD
Middle2.5 hours$750 pesos or $60 USD


For more information call 987 872 0300 or info@hotelbcozumel.com