Our boutique is a window to the tradition and cultural richness of Mexico in a contemporary context. All the decoration of Hotel B Cozumel is handmade by small artisans from different regions of the country, with contemporary touches. Each piece has a story behind it, from the sculptures in your room to the cup holders and placemats in the restaurant. In the lobby we display several pieces and we have a catalog in case you want pieces build to suit. But the real boutique is displayed throughout the hotel.


Boutique Art Gallery Hotel B Cozumel


We will soon have an online catalog to select and purchase parts directly. If you have a store, establishment and are interested in buying several pieces we are happy to give you the direct contact of artisans. Currently we work with artisans from:

  • Quintana Roo
  • Yucatan
  • Michoacán
  • Oaxaca
  • Jalisco
  • Chiapas

Hotel B Cozumel becomes a journey through Mexico – its colors, its textures, its traditions, its values, its contrasts and its people. Each piece shows the dedication of the artisans´ hands, and of the families who keep alive the ancient techniques and Mexican traditions.

Art Boutique Workshops

For more information write us to info@hotelbcozumel.com