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May I ask you a question? Is this your first time on the island? You might be wondering what to do. Cozumel has many attractions and adventures that will fill your day with memories. These attractions can be experienced with Friends, family, as couples and even by yourself. Plus, if you are a regular visitor to the island, this list of exciting adventures may help you continue to explore this Paradise in the Caribbean.


No matter if you are from a cruise ship or a guest from a hotel, we have made your decision make process easier by listing the top activities, tours, and attraction that can be enjoyed during your visit to the Island of Cozumel. That’s why we separate our article in two parts: “Things to do in Cozumel: The Morning hours”& “Things to do in Cozumel: The Night hours” let the party begin:


  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Shopping
  • Discover San Miguel Downtown
  • Cozumel Museum
  • Punta Sur Ecological Park
  • San Gervasio Mayan Ruins
  • Discovery Mexico Park
  • Passion Island
  • El Cielo: Home of Starfishes
  • Cozumel Pearl Farm
  • KAOKAO Chocolate Factory
  • Horseback riding
  • Surfing
  • Kiteboarding
  • Windsurfing
  • Kayaking
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Relax at “The Other Side of the Island”
  • Ride a bycicle in front of the ocean
  • ATV’s Adventure
  • Speed boat tour
  • Pirate boat tour
  • Parasailing Tour
  • Cozumel Bar Hop Tour
  • Tequila Tour
  • Atlantis Submarine Tour
  • Sea Trek
  • Chankanaab


If you want to know more information about a specific activity or book for a tour, please visit our FACEBOOK PAGE. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.


This activity is the main attraction of the island. Thousands of people from all around the world come to Cozumel to visit its amazing coral reefs and wonderful creatures. You can find sea turtles, spotted Eagle rays, sand rays, octopus, starfishes, barracudas, tons of Little fishes, dolphins, sharks, sea horses, and the list goes on…

Read our article “OUR TOP 5 DIVING SITES IN COZUMEL” for more information.



If you can’t dive for whatever reason and you really want to enjoy the underwater world of Cozumel, do not worry, snorkeling is the best way to be in touch with the sea life. It’s easy, cheap (if you have your equipment then is free), and there are lot of places where you can snorkeling and watch tons of species. Almost all the west side of Cozumel, from North to South you can see a lot of marine life. East side or “The Other Side of the Island” is not the perfect  place to snorkel but it is great to chill out ;)



If you are a man you’re probably  excited about this activity .Ok, I’m joking.

If you are looking for  souvenir to give it to your friends or family, you will find a big selection of stores on main avenue of Cozumel, and as well at the main malls: Shopping Village Center, Puerta Maya, Punta Langosta or Plaza del Sol.



The heart of Cozumel. The charming of the local people and the different stores around the main square will make you feel really in Mexico. Take a walk to San Miguel downtown, eat local food, make some local Friends, discover our culture and traditions. Remember we have special events on Saturdays and Sundays at evening, around 8pm.



If you are very curious about the history  of Cozumel, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the local museum. You’ll appreciate old pictures of Cozumel, ancient mayan artifacts as well as pirates, exhibition of island ecosystem, painting od local artists, and more.



Its time to left away the downtown and enjoy the natural ecosystem of Cozumel. First let’s go to Punta Sur Eco Beach Park the largest ecological reserve in Cozumel. It is located at the south edge of Cozumel, 30-40 minutes from downtown, and it has lot of things to do. You can climb the historic Celarain Lighthouse and take a MARVELOUS PICTURE OF COZUMEL from the heights. Visit the home of Crocodiles, enjoy a kayac tour, snorkel tour or the bird watching is always delightful activity for natural lovers. It also has a restaurant in front of the ocean, where you can watch the turquoise wáter of the caribbean, the White sand without rocks, and a few hammocks to rest and to say your Friends you are in Paradise and they don’t. Punta Sur is the perfect place to enjoy Cozumel and you cant’t miss it.



Probably you are very interested in the natural life of Cozumel, the shopping, the adventure, the diving… but you can’t (and I’m serious about it J ) you can’t say you were in Cozumel without visit SAN GERVASIO. Why? Because is the essence of Cozumel, HOME OF MAYAN GODDESS IXCHEL, god of fertility. Long time ago, mayan women worshipped Ixchel, and at least once in their life time they must visit Cozumel. So now you know where you can take a great photo to show your Friends.



Would you like to learn more about MEXICO? Discovery Mexico park is the perfect place to know about the different cultures in the country, as well you will amazed with detailed models of real structures of Mexico like Chichen Itzá or

Mexico City buildings and visit the Tequila Tour is allways a pleasure.



This is a private island in Cozumel (I know it’s funny: an island inside another island) and it’s really beautiful.. White sand, cristal blue water, lot of activities, delicious drinks, stunning sunsets… Passion Island is a great place to be with your family and Friends.



The most famous place in Cozumel and probably by now you already has heared about it. Three words can describe this spot: HOME OF STARFISHES. El Cielo (THE HEAVEN) is only accesible by boat. After 20 minutes of fun on a boat, you arrive to El Cielo and… I really want to describe this place but it’s impossible, no words can describe this Paradise, probably one of the gorgeous places on the planet. The water is so clear that you can’t even imagine it, you really need to see it by yourself. Bring your snorkel equipment and if you are lucky, you’ll see turtles, sea horses, sand rays, and main attraction are the: STARFISHES that are EVERYWHERE.

But, Please do not touch the starfishes, respect the sea life in this place.



Now you have visited  the starfishes, let’s go to another home, the only active Pearl Farm in the Caribbean. This place is located in a natural protected area that remains pristine and untouched. Conceived as a Project of research of the Caribbean Pearl Oyster specie, the primarily purpose of the farm is to promote responsable travelling and preserve the area for future generations. At Cozumel Pearl Farm you will relax in a hammock, no crowds,  enjoy a wonderful snorkeling and learn about the interesting process of a Pearl.



Are you a chocolate lover? What  if we tell you there is a small, 100% natural chocolate Factory here on the island? Yeah, I can see a big smile on your face. CAO CAO Cozumel is the place to taste a delicious mexican chocolate and learn about the history of the chocolate and its properties. You won’t regret.



There are few places in Cozumel where you can ride a horse: Mrs Sanchos Beach Club, Plantas y Jardines, Rancho Buenavista and Rancho Universo. Ride a horse in front of the ocean or inside the jungle and enjoy this wonderful experience.



Two words: Nacho Gutierrez “Cozumel Surf”. Look for this man on Facebook and he will teach you everything you need to know about surfing. Cozumel doesn’t have big waves like Hawai to surf, but it is an activity that you can enjoy on specifics days when we have strong winds.



It’s time to FLY!!! One of the best activities that you will love to do on the water surrounding of Cozumel is Kiteboarding. I recommend to do it on the other side of the island, there are more wind, bigger waves, and no crowds or boats. Cozumel doesn’t have a tour or a company that is easily to do Kite, but ask us on FACEBOOK and we’ll contact you with the Kiteboarding lovers.



Enjoy the experience to travel along the sea of Cozumel, watch stunning beaches, sunsets and feel the breeze of the Caribbean . You will love every second of this activity.On the other hand, we will like to mention, that this activity is so popular in Cozumel that local people participate in national and international competitions. There is a Windsurf school in front of SEDENA MALL.



Join us to an adventure inside the manglooves of Cozumel or if you  prefer on the crystalline water on the west side of the island. You can take a kayac on almost every beach club on the island, also we have  a special kayaking tour at Punta Sur Echo Beach Park to explore the nature in a whole different level.



There are a few places on the island that rent the equipment to Paddle Boarding: SupCozumel, Mrs Sanchos and Hotel B Cozumel. It is a great activity for all the family, it’s easy and fun. If you are really good on it, you can do great posses on the table and share it with your Friends. This is the best way to enjoy the Caribbea Sea



First of all we would like to mention that you can’t fish everywhere, there are some protected areas as well as species.  Nevertheless if you rent a tour for fishing, the fisherman know all the legal terms and restrictions, so do not worry too much about it. Enjoy this activity in company with your family or Friends, and after an awesome day of catching, go to our restaurant (Costeñito Bistro J )  and tell them prepare your fish. BEST WAY TO END A DAY WITH A DELICIOUS DINNER!



Cozumel Country Club is the only golf located at the north side of the island. Just 10 minutes from the airport. Golfers will find a rustic-looking native palapa-style clubhouse. Great to enjoy the day with Friends playing the 18 holes, surrounding by the nature, hundreds of birds, iguanas and a relaxing environment. If you are a golf lover, you can’t miss it.



The east side of the island or “The Other side” as many locals call this beautiful place, it is a large beach from “Mezcalitos” to “Punta Sur”, with White sand, turquoise water, quiet place, no buildings, no crowds. Take some beers, lunch and chill out!!!



Rent a bike on downtown or at Hotel B and have a good time on the principal avenue of Cozumel, looking the sea, the main square, local stores, downtown, and if you are more adventurous take a tour in bycicle around the island, it really worth  the effort.   



Would you like to have an exciting adventure inside the Jungle of Cozumel? Wild Tours invites you to an ATV adventure.

First you will leave from the Mayan town of El Cedral, then you’ll visit a natural sinkhole, followed by an underground cave all of which are tied to the Mayan Civilization. After this amazing road, it’s time to relax on a pristine beach all for you and your Friends. Have an excellent time on the ATV’S



Prepare for an unforgettable adventure full of adrenaline. The first step you do on the boat you’ll feel the power of the 80-90mph ready to be unleashed on the water. I promise you, you won’t stop smiling and lauging during the tour, it is so fun, doing 360 turns and  big jumps from the waves. Enjoy this activity at Passion Island Tour or with Wild Tours Cozumel



The Jean Laffite Pirate Dinner Cruise is an awesome adventure on the sea. Sword fighting, lot of comedy, delicious sea food, cold drinks, and the crew made sure that everyone on the ship had a great time.



Take your camera, Smartphone, Go Pro, videocamera or whatever but please take a picture from the heights of Cozumel and then put it in a picture frame. You will love the beauty view from the parasailing, the blue –turquoise water of the island is unique. This tour last 20-30 minutes, but it really worth every minute




If this is your first time on the island or you only visit us for a few hours,  Bar hop is the perfect activity for you. Bar Hop take you to differents beach clubs on the east side of Cozumel and every each of them is a different experience. Remember: on the other side of the island, there’s no crowds, no buildings, no stores, it’s a beautiful natural place where you can rest and have fun with Friends and family.



Mexico is known by its food, culture, friendly people and THE TEQUILA. In this tour you will learn the process of tequila making, its history and how to distiguish the good and the excellent tequilas.



As you know, Cozumel is popular by its coral reefs and sea life. But if you can’t dive or you want to take your kid to explore this wonderful world, Atlantis submarine is the best option to enjoy it.  Everything is first class, the submarine is comfortable, clean, air conditionated and the staff will answer all your doubts.    If you are not a diver this is the way to go.



One of the new attractions on the island. Sea Trek is an amazing way to enjoy sea life. Put your underwater helmet, descend into the ocean and walk in the marvelous underwater world of Cozumel. 30 minutes seeing all kind of fishes and marine life. Do not worry about the pressure, you are able to equalize the pressure by putting your hand up through the helmet and holding your nose to blow, very easy. Highly recommended!



The last activity but not less important, CHANKANAAB is the place where you like to be the whole day. Why? Because it has everything to enjoy Cozumel: Beautiful lagoons, mayan ruins, snorkeling areas with awesome sculptures on the bottom of the sea, lion shows, dolphins encounter, restaurants and bars, manatee area, pools… everything is perfect to make your holidays unique.


Thanks a lot for Reading, I know it was a long journey, hope you like it. If you love this article please share it with your Friends.

Write down if  there was an activity, tour or attraction we didn’t mention and tell us your review.





 Written by Jorge Poblano

Hotel B Cozumel